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PQ4 CP Red Bull 230kV Energized Line Modification and Salvage

The Project

The project consisted of modifying the PQ4 230kV transmission line crossing, near Pasqua, SK, to accommodate a new Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail spur line (Red Bull Track) by relocating a galvanized steel H-Frame structure, approximately 30m from its previous location. The new structure was directly embedded in steel casings, which were supplied as part of the project. The PQ4 line remained energized during construction and barehand techniques were used.

The Challenges

  • The PQ4 Circuit feeds the K+S Potash Mine and Enbridge Bethune Pumping Station; therefore, all work was completed with the 230kV circuit energized.
  • The installation of steel casings, each 12m X 1.2m, was completed using a Vibratory Hammer between 230kV energized phases. Stringent work procedures, which adhered to electrical clearances were implemented to ensure safety.
  • Work was conducted on CP rail Right of Way (ROW) and required compliance with CP rail’s guidelines and limitations.

Specialized Work Methods

  • 230kV Liveline and Barehand Work Procedures

Client: SaskPower

Owner: SaskPower

Category: Energized Services

Location: Qu'Appelle Valley near Bethune, SK

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