Who Are We?

For over 30 years, Allteck has been an industry leader in engineering procurement and construction management, delivering on its commitments by offering complete solutions including engineering and design of complex distribution projects for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We deliver hundreds of distribution design projects annually and have an extensive history of strong client relationships driven by excellent project delivery.

Our design team has decades of design and engineering experience in the public and private sectors; having worked with clients such as: Fortis BC, Encana, Chevron, TransCanada, the Nisga’a Lisms government, and the District of Peachland government, among many others.

Our Team

Allteck’s team of Design professionals have over 38 years of combined experience in distribution design. Our Team consists of:

  • A Design Lead with 18 years of Engineering and Design experience
  • 3 Full-Time Designers and a dedicated draftsperson with over 20 years of combined experience
  • A dedicated area manager with over 8 years of experience

What We Offer

Allteck offers a total complete distribution design solutions where we will take a new project through the follow steps to ensure quality, timely and cost-effective delivery:

  • Initial customer site visit to discuss the project, conduct a site assessment and define scope
  • Determine if there are any electrical or physical restrictions to the project
  • Design the required infrastructure to meet the customer needs within existing policies, procedures and standards
  • If required, engineer a non-standard solution to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Interface with any required agencies or authorities as required
  • Provide ongoing support through the construction stage
  • Produce as-built drawings for input into the municipality Geo Spatial System


Allteck has significant experience in residential, commercial and industrial distribution design, having completed hundreds of design projects for a wide range of clients. We offer:

  • New electrical utility services in new developments or within established neighbourhoods.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial service upgrades.
  • Overhead-to-Underground single or three phase conversions.
  • Primary reconductoring
  • Utility infrastructure trespass remediation.


Allteck Engineering has proven track record of distribution engineering having worked with a wide array of clients for hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial projects. We have particular strength in:

  • Engineering and design of new residential or mixed use subdivisions.
  • Non-standard structure or facility design.
  • Development and implementation of asset management programs to determine end-of-life conditions and design a cost-effective replacement strategy.

A Proven History

Allteck has an extensive and proud history of design for customers large and small. Some of our clients include FortisBC, TransCanada and Chevron. Below is a sample of recent projects Allteck has completed, demonstrating the breadth of our experience in the engineering and design space.

Project History

Client: Fortis BC, Inc.
Project: Residential New Customer Connect
Year: 2014–2023
Services Provided: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Design projects
Location: Okanagan, BC

Client: Fortis BC, Inc.
Project: System Upgrade
Year: 2019–2020
Services Provided: Design and Engineering services for infrastructure upgrades
Location: Okanagan, BC

Client: Chevron Canada Ltd.
Project: JGC Fluor 25kVElectrical Powerline (KMLNG)
Year: 2016
Services Provided: Design, Engineer, Procure, Install, Test and Commission of a 25kV overhead line
Location: Kitimat, BC

Client: TransCanada
Project: Groundbirch Primary Services
Year: 2016–2019
Services Provided: Design & Engineering Services and Construction
Location: Okanagan, BC

Client: Lakestone Developments Ltd.
Project: Multiple Residential Projects
Year: 2016–2020
Services Provided: Design & Engineering Services and Construction
Location: Okanagan, BC

Client: District of Peachland
Project: Peachland Water Treatment Facility
Year: 2018–2020
Services Provided: Primary Feeder for Water treatment facility – Design, Engineering and Construction
Location: Okanagan, BC

Client: Nisga’a Lisims Government
Project: Residential Lodge Service
Year: 2015–2016
Services Provided: Design, Engineering services and Construction
Location: New Aiyanish, BC

Client: Skeena River Ranch
Project: 25kV Primary Extension
Year: 2017
Services Provided: Design, Engineering services and Construction
Location: Terrace, BC

Select Projects

Support Services

Asset Management

Significant capital investments are made by owners and operators in electrical assets such as substations, distribution and transmission systems.  Customers can benefit from Allteck’s extensive knowledge of towers, conductors and transformers to develop inspection and maintenance programs that maximize the life of the assets and ensure the reliability of the system.  Our services include operations and maintenance, detailed condition assessments, failure analysis and life-cycle management.  Allteck develops customer specific maintenance standards and operating orders to ensure the reliable operation of the facilities all within the budgets of the customer and regulatory compliance.

Allteck can utilize a customer’s existing software for asset management or we can leverage software that is proprietary to Quanta Services so as to provide reports and information that enable our customers to make sound business decisions.

Allteck’s asset management services include:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Inventories
  • Condition Assessments
  • Engineering
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Management Office (PMO)

Allteck’s Project Management Office (PMO) offers services and solutions that ensure our clients’ projects are executed successfully. Our project management professionals think beyond ‘on-time’ and ‘on-budget’ and seek to add value at each phase of the project lifecycle. From concept and strategy, to planning and execution, Allteck’s PMO ensures the implementation of best practices across all project delivery activities.

Our project managers understand that the success of a project is determined well before crews are on the ground, and our team provides services that ensure the development of effective project strategies and thorough project plans.  Utilizing the right project controls allows project teams to manage critical path and be responsive to scope, budget, schedule, contingency, workflow and unforeseen challenges. This approach reduces risk and ensures that the execution of construction activities is conducted predictably and efficiently.

Allteck’s PMO offers the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Monitoring and Controls
  • Construction Management
  • Risk Management