Indigenous Advancement

As a Progressive Aboriginal Relations (P.A.R.)01 committed member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business01 (C.C.A.B.), Allteck is honoured to be collaborating and partnering with First Nations on their traditional territories across Western Canada. We have worked with and collaborated with a number of First Nation communities and have developed flexible partnership models to meet the needs of the First Nation governments and economic development corporations representing their communities.

Education, training, and employment opportunities are the foundation of our initiatives. As the needs and capacity of all Indigenous communities are unique, Allteck has identified alternative methods of community investment with our Indigenous partners. These initiatives and relationships are based upon collaboration, so that together, we can create a positive social impact and enhance economic growth for Canadians.

Allteck’s Indigenous Advancement is based on the following four principles:

  1. Commitment and Engagement
  2. Procurement
  3. Employment and Training
  4. Care for the Community

To read more about our Indigenous Relations policy, please click here:

Allteck Indigenous Relations Policy (January 2024)

Our Indigenous Advancement department can be reached as follows:
Nicole DesRosiers, Sr. Account Manager, Indigenous Business
604.910.4701 | [email protected]


Allteck acknowledges and respects Indigenous Peoples in Canada, on whose traditional territories we all live and work.  We are grateful to carry out our work on these lands, and we respect the interests of all Indigenous peoples, their distinct cultures, and histories.