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138kV Underground Cable Installation

The Project

Ganotec hired Allteck to install and terminate three 138kV underground transmission cables through a duct bank, which passed under a provincial road, to connect an overhead transmission line to a nearby switching station. This section was the final connection of the transmission line that would allow the Long Lake solar farm to begin supplying power to the grid. It was crucial to the project owner (Northland Power Inc.) that the cable installation and terminations were carried out by a professional, experienced, and qualified crew that could complete the job on a strict timeline. Allteck’s high-voltage installation crew installed three spans of 138kV underground transmission cable over a distance of 350m and installed six NKT type oil-filled composite outdoor terminations. Three of these terminations were located at the Long Lake switching station and the other three terminations were located on a steel monopole at the terminus point of the overhead transmission line.

The cable installations were successful and all terminations were completed to the manufacturer’s specifications. High voltage test engineers then performed AC high potential and partial discharge testing on the circuit as requested by the customer. The test results indicated a successful installation by Allteck’s crew and the cables were ready to be energized.

Client: Ganotec

Owner: Ganotec

Category: Underground Cable

Location: Cochrane, Ontario

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