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PQ4 230kV K+S and Enbridge Bethune 230kV Transmission Line Construction

The Project

SaskPower’s K+S project consisted of 46km of 230kV Double Circuit Transmission line from the Pasqua Substation 5km east of Moose Jaw to the new K+S Potash Mine and the Enbridge Bethune Pumping Station. The new transmission is comprised of a single circuit portion spanning 23.5km and a double circuit spanning 22.5km. The 187 structures are galvanized tubular steel H-frames built to a new standard at SaskPower.


SaskPower needed to have this project completed and energized by a firm date to avoid penalties with their industrial customers. Allteck faced challenging terrain including the steep hillsides of the Qu’Appelle Valley, native grasses and difficult geotechnical soil conditions. The planned work continued into the spring thaw resulting in the crews mitigating access damage to cultivated fields and native prairie. The spring conditions required Allteck to implement mitigation efforts to protect the environmentally sensitive native grass as well as observing requirements for migratory birds.

Frequent communication with stakeholders was required due to multiple railway, highway and pipeline crossings. Communication protocols were established with CP Rail, CN Rail, the Department of Highways, and the pipeline companies. The K+S construction site required refined communication and coordination as our crews were dovetailing into the construction project at K+S where several thousand construction employees were already on site working.

Specialized Work Methods

Allteck required the use of track equipment as well as rig mats along the ROW to minimize the disturbance of environmentally sensitive areas. Specialty drills and foundation equipment were brought in to install the caissons. Methods for building ice roads and working on ice were also required due to some of the structures being located in wetlands.

Client: SaskPower

Owner: SaskPower

Category: Transmission

Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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