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Toba Valley 230kV Transmission Line Construction & Maintenance

The Project

The East Toba and Montrose plant is the largest run-of-the river hydroelectric project in BC, located on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Allteck’s scope included the installation of 63km of 230kV transmission line including 252 wood-pole H-frame and 3-pole structures, 51 steel pole structures, 887 guy wires, and 63km of 1272 kcmil bittern conductor. The line route traversed variable terrain from low valleys to steep rocky hills and crossed six rivers. Specific technical challenges were presented by a 9km pull, as well as a 44,000-pound steel pole, in a rough helicopter-only access section along Toba Inlet. Approximately 40-50% of poles, both wood and steel, were set by a Boeing Vertol heavy-lift helicopter, and other operations were supported throughout by an AStar350-B2 helicopter. In general, much of the work was done manually with special tools and techniques associated with helicopter construction due to limited equipment access at most pole locations.

Since the completion of the line, Allteck has been providing Toba Montrose General Partnership scheduled maintenance, inspection, and trouble response services and has entered into a Master Services Agreement for ongoing work.

Client: Toba Montrose General Partnership

Owner: Toba Montrose General Partnership

Category: Emergency Restoration

Location: Toba Inlet, BC

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