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Lower Churchill Falls 735kV Transmission Line

The Project

The project consisted of stringing 4-bundle 1029 kcmil ACSR Carillon Conductor, two Overhead Shield Wires (OHSW) and two Optical Ground Wires (OPGW) along two single circuit HVac 735 kV transmission lines, between the Churchill Falls 735 kV switchyard extension and the 735 kV switchyard, each approximately 2 km in length. The lines were built with lattice towers with varying heights from 29m to 36m to the main bridge for the conductor and from 42m to 49m to the OHSW. Both transmission lines crossed 12.5 kV distribution lines and multiple roadways.

The Challenges

  • The work required mobilization of major stringing equipment and acquisition of specific tools required to safely execute the work.

Client: Valard Construction Ltd.

Owner: Nalcor Energy

Category: Transmission

Location: Churchill Falls, NL

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