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Energized 69kV Structure Replacements on Line 0039

The Project

This project comprised the dismantling of an existing transmission line and construction of approximately 64 km of 69 kV transmission line 0039, located along the Two Nations Crossing Road in Fredericton New Brunswick. A total of 318 structures were installed, which utilized the existing 266 ASCR Partridge conductor.

The Challenges

  •  The Right of Way (ROW) traversed multiple highway, road, and rail crossings as well as wetlands and sensitive locations, which required the development of specific work procedures to execute the work efficiently.
  • Ground conditions varied from adequate dry access to snow and extreme wet conditions. Construction activities were able to continue through spring break-up with strict adherence to environmental regulations and mitigation methods.
  • Fire danger was high during dry periods. As such, it was closely monitored and all necessary permit requirements were adhered to.

 Specialized Work Methods

  • Due to outage limitations, deadend structures were replaced using barehand methods while tangent structures were replaced using the robotic arm.  Detailed work methods were developed with the assistance of Quanta Energized Services for such work, particularly for barehand techniques.

Client: NB Power

Owner: NB Power

Category: Transmission

Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

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