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Interphase Spacers – Langdon to Janet Substations

The Project

Allteck was responsible for the installation of interphase spacers on a 240kV Double Circuit line. The line was comprised of two bundle 1033 wire, vertical construction, mono poles that were de-energized. Allteck surveyed the spacer locations, counted materials, and then sorted them into circuits, spacer type and locations. The crews delivered the materials to each structure location in preparation for installation.  The interphase spacers were installed using conductor carts that were suspended 100ft in the air. The installation work also required cranes and man baskets to access the conductor due to the height of the structures. The cranes and man baskets were also needed for various locations to install carts onto the wire and to move around any dead end structures.

Client: SNC Lavalin

Owner: Altalink

Category: Transmission

Location: South East, Calgary

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