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Glenmore Sarcee 138kV XLPE Cable Installation

The Project

The project comprised the design, supply, and installation of two 138kV XLPE, 2000 mm2 insulated cable circuits, routed in concrete encased PVC ducts, to connect two substations. This included design calculations such as thermal loading, sheath voltage, cable bonding and grounding, pulling, and impedance.

The Challenges

Outage times were reduced from what was originally anticipated, which required the development of installation methods to facilitate work under energized conditions.

Specialized Work Methods

A unique installation method was developed to accommodate the reduction and unavailability of outages. Allteck supplied and installed the double circuit cables and Pfisterer terminations, which were installed on the ground horizontally and positioned onto the poles after assembly. As such, the work was executed without disrupting power supply and the project milestones were achieved as a result of this unique work procedure.

Client: ENMAX Corporation

Owner: ENMAX Corporation

Category: Underground Cable

Location: Calgary, AB

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