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Estevan 138kV Energized Line Construction to East Substation

The Project

Allteck installed seven 138kV structures and a 138kV switch, feeding into the new SaskPower substation. Barehand crews used specialized procedures to energize the new line and substation by installing in-line openers to isolate the circuit going in and out of the new station.


Allteck was the first ever contracting company to use energized barehand work methods for SaskPower. We had to work closely with conservation officers to ensure that we did not  pose any threat to the safety of the Northern Leopard Frog.

Specialized Work Methods

Allteck implemented energized 138kV barehand work methods to complete this project. The advantages of these barehand techniques are that no outage on the main line was required to energize the new substation into service.

Client: SaskPower

Owner: SaskPower

Category: Energized Services

Location: Estevan, SK East Substation

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