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Direct Bury Cable Installation, Janet Substation Calgary

The Project

VISCAS required the installation of and termination support for two 240kV cable circuits for a larger project at SNC-Lavalin’s Janet Substation. Allteck was responsible for cable installation and assisting the client with termination and testing. The project scope included civil work for trenching and backfilling, scaffold installation and removal, low voltage testing, and high voltage testing support.


The major challenge encountered on this project was working around ground water that was not identified in geo-technical reports provided for the site. This finding required Allteck’s Cable crew to reevaluate their work plan and accommodate the previously unknown site conditions.

Specialized Work Methods

In response to the presence of ground water, Allteck worked with a civil contractor to develop a mitigation plan. Concrete bases were installed in order to provide stability for cable installation in certain sections and the project proceeded as planned.



Category: Substations Underground Cable

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

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