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North Battleford Storm Response

The Project

June 26, 2012 Saskatchewan was hit with multiple tornadoes across the province. Allteck crews were dispatched to the North Battleford area where 2 major transmission circuits were damaged, and thousands of residential and industrial customers were without power.

Allteck crews arrived and changed 1 damaged H-Frame structure through the night on the 138kV circuit B2G, and restored power to a major portion of North Western Saskatchewan by early morning.

The second damaged circuit, BR11, 230kV Steel pole line, had 27 damaged structures over 10 km’s. This circuit feeds an important industrial customer in Meadow Lake, who was suffering major economic losses due to the outage.

Allteck crews built a 10km wood pole bypass line 100 meters off the existing right of way.

64 wood H-Frame structures were erected and the salvaged conductor from the damaged line was used to string the bypass circuit, saving substantial costs to SaskPower.

The By-Pass line was built and energized in 12 days, returning service to the plant in Meadow Lake.

Following the temporary line construction, Allteck crews re-built the damaged 10km steel pole line section. The line was re-built and cutover to the original alignment and the temporary bypass was removed by Sept 2012.

Client: SaskPower

Owner: SaskPower

Category: Emergency Restoration

Location: North Battleford, Saskatchewan

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