For the 7th consecutive year, Allteck attended the NABOC (National Aboriginal Business Opportunities Conference) from April 2–4, 2019 in Kitimat. With the construction of several major projects in the region and as Joint Venture partners with the Haisla Nation, Geena Jackson (Vice President Indigenous Advancement & Business Development) and Dean Montgomery (Corporate Strategy Advisor, Indigenous Advancement) hosted the opening night hospitality event with over 500 attendees, co-sponsored by Allteck and Servco Canada.  The evening was introduced by a welcoming ceremony from Chief Councillor Crystal Smith and was followed by traditional dancing, drumming, and regalia by members of all ages from the Haisla Nation throughout the venue.

On the following evening (April 3, 2019) Geena took it upon herself to organize and host a Haisla Nation VIP event for 170 people at the Hirsch Creek Golf Club. Geena has a wealth of experience hosting Indigenous events and fundraisers, which is always enjoyed by guests with her genuine care for First Nation Initiatives combined with her quick sense of humour.  It was an intimate evening with food, drinks and a shuttle service from Kitimat hotels, bringing the exclusive Haisla Joint Venture partners, Haisla Chief and Council, Education and Training Department, Economic Development Department, and groups of people from the community together to be a part of something meaningful and fun! The thirteen exclusive Haisla Joint Venture Partners had the opportunity to present to all of the attendees and to share their appreciation for being selected to work in partnership with the Haisla Nation.

The event was a highlight to the conference for many! Thank you to the Haisla Nation for hosting us, to all the sponsors, and to our own Geena Jackson for organizing and hosting!