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Journeyman Red Seal Powerline Technician (PLT)

Job Summary

Allteck is looking for Powerline Technician (PLT)’s with experience in energized transmission and distribution systems, voltages ranging from 12kV to 230kV for multiple projects ongoing in Western Canada.  The responsibilities of a Powerline Technician (PLT) are various and depend specifically on their level of responsibility assigned by Allteck.  The overall baseline responsibilities are listed below under General Lineman Responsibilities.  Higher degrees of responsibility correlate directly with a PLT experience and capability in the field.


Pay rate:

$56.08 per hour

$54.97 per hour for SK

Location: Burnaby, Terrace, Prince George

Start Date: Immediately


  • The PLT’s will construct, maintain, and repair overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems.
  • The PLT must erect and maintain steel, wood or concrete poles, towers, and guy wires.
  • The PLT shall install, maintain, and repair overhead and underground power lines and cables, and other associated equipment such as insulators, conductors, lightning arrestors, switches, transformers, and lighting systems.
  • The PLT shall splice and terminate conductors and related wiring to connect power distribution and transmission networks.
  • Powerline technicians may also be called upon to perform stringing operations for both distribution and transmission circuits.
  • The work always involves travel to and from the work site, which is often in remote areas necessitating the use of a variety of access equipment such as all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, and watercraft.
  • The PLT is required to climb and maintain their balance while working overhead on poles and towers.
  • The work requires considerable standing, bending, crawling, crouching, stooping, lifting heavy objects, climbing, pulling cables, and reaching.
  • These tasks may be conducted in cramped, confined spaces or on poles and towers at great heights.
  • A PLT requires the coordination of the arms and legs, especially when climbing poles using climbing gear.
  • They require good vision and hearing to recognize hazards, communicate, and conduct the work safely.
  • The PLT may work a 40-hour week; however, emergencies may require long hours in inclement weather.
  • Due to demands from many clients, PLT’s usually work a 50 -70 hour week.
  • PLT’s are required to have good mechanical aptitude, a thorough knowledge of the principles of electricity, power transmission and distribution systems, and communication systems, and familiarity with the materials and techniques of construction.
  • The PLT will use a variety of vehicles and equipment such as articulated bucket trucks, digger derricks, mobile cranes, and trenchers as well as a variety of hand, power, electrical testing, and “hot line” tools and equipment.
  • They may work alone with minimal supervision, and they may supervise others and authorized by Allteck management.
  • The PLT must refer to notes, drawings and forms in order to understand how materials must be assembled or how to use materials appropriately.
  • They must be able to read a wide range of code books, standards of practice, standard work methods, safe work methods, and regulations to ensure that the work is completed in compliance with the industry standards.
  • The PLT will regularly consult standards and regulations involving safe work practices overhead distribution standards, high voltage, and low voltage applications, stringing procedures, line clearing and underground cable installations.

Education, Training & Experience

  • Qualified Red Seal Journeyman Powerline Technician Trade Certification
  • Minimum Class 3 Driver’s License with Air Brakes and a clean Abstract
  • Minimum Class 1 Driver’s License for Saskatchewan
  • Experience working energized 25kV to 230kV voltages

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